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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy at its best!

Allied Services Northwest Limited is a company founded out of passion for quality and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. We develop, execute, and deliver turnkey and highly efficient systems of air and ground source heat pump, PV-Solar, Solar-Thermal, and Wind energy.

We source our products only from the best manufacturers around the world and provide you with warranty and after installation service; just call on us and we will configure the best system for your need.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP)

A Ground source heat pump system collects heat from metal coils laid into the ground and directs such heat to underfloor radiators, warmer systems, and hot water tanks in your house to provide you with hot water all year round, saving you money, reducing your energy dependency, and helping to reduce your carbon print. The ground source heat pump can be reversed to produce a cooling effect to keep the house cool on a hot day.

Air source heat pump (ASHP)

The air source heat pump absorbs hot air from outside air, passes it through a compressor and condenser machine and releases this into your house via underfloor radiators, and water systems. This could be reversed to bring about a cooling effect in the house for an all year comfort.


A system of solar panels and inverters that taps the power of the sun to supply you energy for all possible needs in the house. Our experts will take time to configure a system perfect for your need and size to help you reduce your energy bill or coupled with a battery system to make you completely independent from the utility as the case maybe.

Due to government tariff and tax incentives, efficiency, and availability, PV-Solar is increasingly gaining traction around the world as one of the most accepted means of supplementing the energy needs of today because they are environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, long term money saving investment, and everybody enjoy watching how they generate their own energy.

Our high-quality mono- and poly-crystalline panels are used on rooftop, ground-mount, and fa├žade installations for both domestic and commercial applications.


Similar to the PV-Solar, these are a combination of thermal panels, pipes and tanks that taps the energy of the sun to provide you with hot water round the year, helping you to reduce your energy bill on hot water and heating in the house.

Wind Energy

Harnessing the power of the wind to provide energy all year round even with a minimal wind movement. There are different sizes for domestic and commercial sizes and energy requirements.